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The European Society of Anesthesiology


Euroanaesthesia 2019
Vienna, Austria
1-3. June 2019.

Euroanaesthesia is recognised worldwide as one of the most important and influential 
annual congress in anaesthesiology. With over 6000 international delegates and100+ 
exhibitors from more than 80 countries, Euroanaesthesia is truly an outstanding 
international platform to enhance knowledge, review innovative techniques, learn on 
our guidelines, and communicate, collaborate and network with representatives of a 
large international audience.

Held annually throughout Europe, our congress is a contemporary event geared 
towards education, knowledge exchange and innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care, 
Pain and Perioperative Medicine, as well as a platform for immense international visibility 
for scientific research.

The congress expands beyond Europe, targeting the international community, enabling 
professionals from all parts of the world to exchange views on a wide variety of topics 
affecting anaesthesiology. By bringing together practicing physicians, academics, 
scientists, and clinical researchers, each congress offers a unique global forum for a 
free exchange of science and medical strategy. This is highlighted by our outstanding 
scientific programme, developed by the Scientific Committee, under the chairmanship of 
Prof Andreas Hoeft.

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World federation of Societies of 
Anaesthesiologists and Czech Society of 
Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine 

17th World Congrass of Anaesthesiologists

Prague, Czech Republic
5-9. September 2020.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

In 2012, the Czech Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine put 
forward a bid for Prague as the venue for the 17th WFSA World Congress of 
Anaesthesiologists in the year 2020. I am proud to announce that during WCA2012 in 
Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Venue Committee had chosen Prague, Czech Republic, as 
the site for WCA2020. Their decision was publicly announced during the Closing 
Ceremony. The joy and exultation of our delegation after the announcement shall 
remain for years to come.

Prague is the seat of Charles University, the oldest university in Central and Eastern 
Europe. Founded in 1348 the university has become the centre of education and 
science for the whole region, where the discipline of anaesthesiology also has a long 
tradition. It should be noted that the first general anaesthesia in Prague was ad­minis­
tered as early as February 7, 1847 and the First Department of Anaesthesia was set up 
in the Central Military Hospital in 1948.

The city has extensive experience in hosting congresses. It has a large exhibition 
centre, around 70,000 hotel beds and easy flight connections to all main airports 
worldwide. Also, several highways and train lines conveniently connect Prague to its 
neighboring countries.

I have the privilege to cordially invite you to the 17th WFSA World Congress of 
Anaesthesiologists in Prague in 2020, not only for an ex­change of scientific information, 
education and meeting friends, but also to experi­ence the hospitality our country has 
to offer. It is my firm belief that your trip to Prague will be the experience of a lifetime.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Prague during September 5th–9th, 2020.

Prof. Karel Cvachovec
President of the Czech Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine

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